General Contracting

Dolmen Contracting provides a full package of construction works:

Building site preparation, excavation works, stole work, regular & reinforced concrete structure installation & assembly, load carry & fence structure building erection, roofing finishing, balancing & commissioning, indoor & outdoor engineering system installation quality, quality inspection.

Signing of agreements with subcontractors for individual work items, items and quality inspections, control over due execution of contractor and subcontractor agreement provisions. Work and environment safety, fire protection. Site commissioning on turnkey basis.

Caries out construction process management. Dolmen Contracting acts as a general contractor in industrial, commercial and domestic premises construction works.

Works its way up from a small company, conducting residential building and finish works to the company, successfully execution complex construction projects.

General contracting includes signing of agreements with clients, organization and management of construction process, sub contractors’, activities coordination, technological process control and building process inspection.

Got the corresponding general contracting license. Our specialists are highly qualified.


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