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Phoenicia Hotel – Beirut
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The Phoenicia intercontinental hotel is a luxurious touristic and vacation destination designed and constructed based on a multi-star hotel. Located at Ain mresieh in Beirut ,the consulting works was conducted by Dar Al Handasa,Dolmen Contracting was awarded a sub-contract from Kadeko(Joint venture karagulla and kokache) for the gypsum works.

Cast gypsum cornice,special design fixing in a typical bed room.
Cast gypsum cornice,special design fixing in a typical bath room.
Decorative fibrous gypsum works in a private dining room.
Gypsum board ceiling and cast gypsum cornice in the main corridor.

The gypsum plasters are a revolutionary solution that overthrow all the traditional ways of plastering,in contrary to the traditional plastering which needs four stages and a few days to get a surface ready to be painted,we introduced the “single plaster layer” .

Our gypsum plasters helps to plan and work economically,with minimum loss and maximum results,for example a traditional plaster worker can finish up to 20 m2/day of smooth surface ready for paint.

It can be used for the basement,W.C and kitchen.
It can also be tiled fast and easily without any adhesion problems,it can also be nailed or even wallpapered.
The gypsum plasters have excellent adhesion on any kind of background (bricks,concrete,cement blocks,insulation materials,ect..)in addition it offers heat insulation and fire resistance.

It goes without saying that the purity of our natural gypsum mineral (CaSO4 2H2O) and perlite is friendly to the environment to the human nature.

It is next to the natural coastal bathing place facing the Mediterranean sea and lying against the green mountain .This project design has clear sentimental theme and cultural background with the sea .

The hotel guestroom design adopt the neoclassic style ,with brisk and simple line ,the wall and corridor are decorated with color full flower water color painting,making the guestroom atmosphere have the feeling of as leisure as a home.the huge revolving stair case in the lobby of the ground floor is dismantled light yellow granular limestone is used as the main material in order to create a sense of delicacy and relaxation for wooden material,the bright and elegant African peaches selected.It has bright color and harmonious tone.

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