Civil Engineering

-6. Stone work; construction of formwork and installation of reinforcement
-Regular and reinforced concrete structure assembly
-Regular and reinforced concrete structure installation
(footings, underground and over ground walls, pillars, frames, beams, barrels, floor slabs, wall panels
-Ventilation hoist ways refuse chute and utility blocs assembling
-Beam and wood building/construction installation, prefabrication construction assembling
-Dorset and window set light filler installation
(“sandwich” panels, glass blocks, structural glass, metal structures),
-Framed partitions
-Insulating work
(roll bituminous material, asphalt compositions, cement grouts, polymeric materials, metal fabrics)
-Thermal protection
(fibrous materials, plates and fill materials)
-Roofing material
(roll materials, polymeric and emulsion – mastic mixtures, piece-materials and steel sheets)

-Pile-sinking and caps installation
-6Metal structure assembling
-Acoustic and Thermal Insulation: polystyrene, Rockwool and fiberglass
-Concrete Repair: cementi and epoxy systems, liquid additives, fibers & anchoring resins.

-Joint treatments: water-stops, backing rods, sealants and cover joints
-Surface treatment: grinding, blasting, high-pressure water jet cleaning
-Gypsum Plaster
-Paints & Textures: internal & external
-Decorative Cornices and Moldings: polyurethane and Duropolymer
-Flooring: modifies screed, self-leveling, epoxy polyurethane
-Tiling & Grouting: cementi, epoxy and polyurethane based
-Swimming Pools: plastering, screed, waterproofing , tiling & grouting
-Sport Surfaces: modified acrylic system, with or without cushion Renovation & Finishing


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