Final Documents

Final Documents editedUpon the approval of the Fundamental Design by the Client, the Consultants will immediately proceed with the preparation of the Final Documents of the Project.

The Final Documents shall set forth in detail the requirements for Tendering, Contracting and Construction of the project.

The Final Documents will comprise the following:


The Drawings that will be to appropriate scales will include the following:

Architectural Drawings


  • Site plan and details, including external works and site development
  • Floor plans
  • Fire zoning plans
  • Sections and elevations
  • Floor partitions in main areas, if any
  • Window wall sections
  • Core and stair details
  • Vertical and horizontal mechanical transportation system, if any
  • Large scale interior and exterior details
  • Reflected ceiling plans
  • Partition types and general details
  • Casement works types and general details
  • Wood work types and general details
  • Metal work types and general details
  • Door schedule and general details
  • Finish schedule and general details
  • Miscellaneous details
  • Signs and signage.

Structural Drawings

  • 5.. Foundation layout plans and details
  • Floor framing plans and details
  • Columns, walls, beams and slabs reinforcement details
  • Details of expansion joints, water stops, special openings in slabs and beams, etc.
  • Stairs and miscellaneous structures details.
  • Mechanical Drawings


Mechanical – Plumbing Systems

  • Floor plans for all system including sanitary drainage, rain water drainage with drain fittings, water supply with water treatment units and pressurizing pumps, hot water distribution network with hot water generators and circulating pumps, special and firefighting systems
  • Schematic and riser diagrams for all above-mentioned systems
  • Miscellaneous standard details
  • Miscellaneous special details
  • Control diagrams
  • Equipment performance schedules.


Mechanical – HVAC

  • 5Floor plans for all systems including ductwork and piping
  • Machine room plans and sections
  • Schematic and riser diagrams for piping systems including chilled water or refrigerant piping, etc.
  • Typical sections
  • Miscellaneous standard details
  • Miscellaneous special details
  • Motor control center schedules
  • Building management system and control diagrams
  • Equipment performance schedules.


Electrical Drawings

  • Floor plans showing lighting installations layout & details (normal & emergency)
  • Floor plans showing electrical and convenience power outlets installations layout and power supply to electrically operated mechanical equipment
  • Floor plans showing low current systems installations layout (telephone, fire alarm, public address, master antenna TV, closed circuit TV, etc.)
  • Main distribution boards, feeders and panel boards schedules
  • Power & low current systems schematic diagrams
  • Transformers and generator room equipment layouts and details
  • Lightning protection and earthing systems installations & details
  • Miscellaneous installation details.


Landscape Drawings

  • 5.Master Landscape development plan.
  • Hardscape and softscape layout and materials plans
  • Landscape grades and levels plans
  • Planting plans
  • Decorative fountains plans and details
  • Hardscape details and site furnishings
  • Softscape details and plant materials schedule.


Roads Drawings

Final geometric design for the road network and parking areas within the site will be developed as well as tying with surrounding roads. Drawings will include the following:

  • Plans for all roads, parking areas and intersections showing all necessary setting out data and dimensions
  • Profiles for all roads
  • Typical roads cross sections showing details of each pavement type including thickness, materials and construction requirements
  • Details of intersections with sufficient setting-out data and elevations
  • Typical road construction details, such as curbs, tiles, super-elevation applications, parking, etc.
  • Signing and road marking plans
  • Typical details of all signs, sign supports and road marking.


Utilities Drawings

The final design of the various utilities will be produced to include the following drawings:

  • Plans and details for the water distribution system
  • Plans and details for fire fighting system
  • Plans and details for irrigation system
  • Plans and details for sewage system
  • Plans and details for surface drainage system
  • Details of connections to public utilities and off-site utilities
  • Layout plans of water treatment plant, if any
  • Layout plans of sewage treatment plant, if any
  • Plans and details for power and low current distribution networks
  • Plans and details for outdoor lighting installation.




The Specification for all project’s components will be prepared and submitted. This will include, if applicable, performance specification for water and sewage treatment plants.




Bill of Quantities and Method of Measurement for all project’s components will be prepared and submitted.




The Tender and Contract Conditions will include the following:

  • Information  for tenderers
  • Tender Conditions
  • Forms of Tender e.g. Tender Form and submittals
  • Forms to be used for securities i.e. Tender Bond, Advance payment Bond, Performance Bond, etc.
  • General Conditions of Contract
  • Particular Conditions of Contract
  • General specifications will also be included incorporating both the Client’s and Consultants’ requirements for the Contractor’s management procedures and performance on the Project.
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