Preparatory work and Concept Design Stage

Topographic Survey

The survey work, which will be carried out by the specialist contractor, will mainly include the following:
Preparatory work and Concept Design edited

  • Establishment of a control network of reference markers precisely surveyed and leveled and tied to the national grid and datum.
  • Capture of survey data in 3-D digital format including all surface details, existing physical features, structures, buildings, walls, fences, gates, utilities, ancillary construction, vegetation, existing roads adjoining the site and existing public utilities along them as well as existing depressions and waterways.
  • Preparation of site plan, at the required scale, showing surveyed features, topographic contours and spot levels.


Geotechnical Investigations

The Consultants will prepare the necessary documents, for specialist contractors to carry out the required investigations. Such documents will include:

  • Drawings
  • Specification
  • Bill of Quantities and Method of Measurement
  • Tender and Contract Conditions that will include the following:
  • Information  for tenderers
  • Tender Conditions
  • Forms of Tender e.g. Tender Form and submittals
  • Forms to be used for securities i.e. Tender Bond, Advance payment Bond, Performance Bond, etc.
  • General Conditions of Contract
  • Particular Conditions of Contract
  • General specifications will also be included incorporating both the Client’s and Consultants’ requirements for the Contractor’s management procedures and performance.


The Consultants will administer and inspect all works to be executed on site by the specialist contractor. The Consultants Quality Assurance/Quality Control System will be implemented during the execution of the works to ensure compliance with the contract requirements.

The geotechnical investigation may include boreholes, excavation of test pits, in-situ tests and laboratory tests as well as other investigations that may be considered necessary to be carried out by the specialist contractor in light of the project’s requirements.

Geotechnical Investigations Summary Report

2.Once the specialist contractor completes his work and provides the relevant tests results of the investigations, the Consultants will embark on the interpretation of the same to assess the implications on design parameters for the related trades. The Consultants’ recommendations based on the tests results provided by the specialist contractor will be compiled and issued in the Geotechnical Investigation Summary Report.

The aforementioned report will include and as applicable the following:

  • Collation and presentation of all geotechnical data.
  • Extraction of relevant design parameters from the geotechnical data.
  • Interpretation of the geotechnical data with the aim to identify the mechanical and deformation parameters under both the short and long term conditions for both static and seismic loading.
  • Assessment of the chemical properties of the water and soil / rock to evaluate its impact on the type and extent of foundation protection to be used.
  • Recommendations for the design of foundation components for various loading conditions (including seismic) for the different structures.



planzeichnenThe Consultants will start work, in coordination with the Client and other related parties on the Concept Design. The Consultants will prepare the Concept Design taking into consideration the following elements:


  • Site analysis and zoning studies.
  • Examination of the space allocation program against the areas available.
  • Tabulation of space requirements.
  • Consideration to the requirements of applicable codes and regulations.
  • Determination, if applicable, of the extent of demolition works.
  • Identification as applicable of possible alternatives for on-site and off-site infrastructure.
  • Proposed Concept Design. This will be inclusive of plans, elevations, and colored perspectives and, if required, block models.
  • Budgetary cost estimate of the proposed scheme.


Concept Design Report

At the end of this stage the Consultants will submit to the Client for review and approval the Concept Design Report. The report will present an outline description of the proposed Concept Design with a budgetary cost estimate of the same as well as the outcome of the elements mentioned in above.


Upon approval of the Concept Design by the Client the Consultants will proceed with the development of the same in accordance with the design stages mentioned hereafter.

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