Data Collection

Data Collection editedThe Consultants will collect relevant data and ascertain in conjunction with the Client the project requirements.

This phase will include the following:

  • Client’s statement of project requirements, i.e. the design brief that will generally include the Client’s objectives of time, cost, quality and function of the project as well as programming guidelines.
  • Project execution strategy – Phased, multiple contract, fast track construction, etc.
  • Budget and time schedule limitations and as directed by the Client.
  • Identification of specifications master format.

Site information, if available, such as:

  • Topographical Survey maps of the site and its surrounding in 3-D digital CAD format
  • Soil investigation report
  • Drawings of existing structures, features, and utilities both on-site and in the vicinity of the project area
  • Climatic  and environmental data
  • Boundary limits
  • Location of major nearby utility structures such as sewage treatment plant, ground and/or elevated water storage, public landfill areas, etc.
  • Statement on fundamental code, building regulations and zoning requirements.
  • Preliminary space allocation program.
  • Relevant local materials and products.
  • Relevant local habits and traditions


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