“Dolmen Development S.A.L”, a subsidiary of BA United Holding is an established company with a primary focus on real estate and infrastructure development. The company provides turnkey solutions by conducting the adequate studies to provide a clear picture of the market, sector and the potential projects. The scope of the studies will include and will not be limited to:

The company will also be responsible for strategically screening and selecting the design companies, the contracting companies, and consultancy services to attain governmental permits.

“Dolmen Development S.A.L” will continue to supervise the construction of the project and will represent the owners in the different phases of the project’s span. The company will provide wide range of solutions to enhance the decisions of a real estate or infrastructure project.

In addition, “Dolmen Development S.A.L” can handle the marketing, sales and facility management of the development through providing the necessary sales and rentals contracts and management services.

To Deliver Innovative Solutions that Meet our Customers’ Needs and Aspirations, while Generating Enduring Value to our Clients and Shareholders

To Be the Leader in Creating New Architectural and Engineering Designs, in Developing Innovative Projects; and in Providing related Exceptional Products and Services in Lebanon and Beyond”

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