Preliminary Design

The Preliminary Design Drawings that will be to appropriate scales will include the following:

Architectural Drawings

  • 3..Site Plan illustrating the proposed utilization of the site in terms of siting, massing and distribution of the project components, entry gates, building access points and internal vehicular and pedestrian communication routes
  • Preliminary floor plans showing the basic space accommodation layout within the building/s including horizontal and vertical mechanical transportation systems, if any, as well as mechanical and electrical equipment rooms and service shafts
  • Fire zoning floor plans
  • Preliminary building sections and elevations to define the overall massing of the project components and the architectural character
  • Indicative space utilization plans for the purposes of electromechanical service distribution.

Structural Drawings

  • Preliminary foundation plans
  • Preliminary framing plans for floors structural systems.

Mechanical Drawings

  • Floor plans showing the location and outline of mechanical equipment and main duct and pipe risers
  • Schematic diagrams of the mechanical systems including chilled/hot water, water supply, drainage and fire fighting

Electrical Drawings

  • Floor plans showing the location of substations, emergency generators, main distribution boards and main cable risers
  • Schematic diagrams of the electrical systems including power supply and low current

Landscape Drawings

  • background of the architectural drawings and pencilSchematic layouts for the proposed scheme including distribution and type of pavements, planting, decorative fountains, recreational facilities and water features.
  • Roads Drawings
  • Preliminary layout plans and profiles for the proposed roads and parking schemes, with typical cross sections and typical construction details.

Utilities Drawings

  • Preliminary layouts and typical details for the proposed systems pertaining to:
  • water, (including water treatment plant, if any)
  • fire fighting
  • irrigation
  • sewage, (including on-site sewage disposal/treatment, if any)
  • surface drainage/flood protection
  • solid waste collection and disposal
  • power and low current distribution and
  • outdoor lighting installation.


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