Dolmen Industries


Wood and Metal Factory
Since its inception, Wood & Metal has been a pioneer in the wood and steel industry, setting the standard in product innovation, quality, and service. Today, W&M continues building upon its solid foundation by designing products that are aesthetically pleasing, energy-efficient, and customized to meet the exacting spatial and functional requirements of its most unique clients’ projects.
W&M is committed to excellence in quality, innovation, and service. It is due to this unwavering commitment that the company is renowned as a leader in the wood and steel industry. Our reputation and success is built upon the hard work and perseverance of knowledgeable staff. W&M staff members’ high caliber and professionalism backed by a long track record of experience are the qualities that set the company at the cutting-edge of the wood and steel industry and they are what builders appreciate the most about doing business with us.

Fibrous Gypsum Factory
In its mission to enhance the supply chain of products, Dolmen successfully launch a fibrous gypsum factory in 2003 to supply its projects. The factory that started to support Dolmen projects in artistic gypsum work evolved to assist other companies in their supply. A high Caliber of employees allowed the factory to manufacture state of art works that has been used in most of Dolmen projects.


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