Fundamental Design

 This stage will commence immediately after the Client’s written approval of the Preliminary Design. The Fundamental Design will define the project in terms of final space layout, construction materials, interior and exterior finishes built-in equipment and specialists equipment and systems.

The Fundamental Design will establish the structural system proposed for the construction of the project and integrate the mechanical, electrical, and systems into the building(s) design.

The scope of work of this stage will consist of the following:

Fundamental Design Drawings 

The Fundamental Design Drawings that will be to appropriate scales will include the following:

Fundemental design edited

  • Architectural Drawings
  • Site plan showing roads, sidewalks, parking area, floor elevations, existing and proposed contours, planting areas, building location, property lines and project limit lines
  • Floor plans showing:
  • space allocation
  • cores and shafts
  • wall thickness
  • structural elements
  • 4.fixed equipment
  • horizontal and vertical mechanical transportation systems as applicable
  • general dimensions and openings
  • fire zoning and partition type and fire rating.
  • Roof plans showing preliminary drainage layout and equipment locations if any
  • Large scale partial floor plans of complex areas of important building components
  • Longitudinal and transverse building sections showing floor to floor heights, ceiling heights and overall heights
  • Building elevations showing exterior finishes, opening materials and floor levels
  • Exterior walls sections showing materials, dimensions and major details
  • Reflected ceiling plans sufficient to show general lighting layouts and special conditions
  • Enternal and external architectural details as required in accordance with the design intent.

Structural Drawings

  • Foundation plans and details
  • Floor framing plans and details showing the proposed structural systems and the location of expansion joints
  • Stair details
  • Columns and wall details.

Mechanical Drawings

  • Floor layout plans showing the ductworks as single line, main pipe runs, the details of the main duct and pipe risers, and the outline of mechanical equipment
  • Layout of part floor plans indicating main components of each of the proposed systems, i.e. plant rooms, air-handling units, routing of main pipes and air ducts
  • Schematic and flow diagrams for the mechanical systems including chilled/hot water, domestic cold and cold water supply, drainage and firefighting.

Electrical Drawings

  • 4Schematic diagrams showing supply and distribution of electrical power including emergency power supply, if required
  • Schematic diagrams for low current systems (telephone, intercom, fire alarm, public address, sound system, etc.)
  • Layouts of typical floor part plans and some special areas showing power, lighting and low current systems.
  • Landscape Drawings
  • Hardscape and softscape location and materials plans
  • General site grading plans
  • Planting plans
  • Decorative fountains plans
  • Typical Hardscape and site furnishings details
  • Typical Softscape details and plant.

Roads Drawings

  • General layout plans for the roads and parking schemes with basic setting out data
  • Roads profiles
  • Typical roads cross-sections
  • Typical road construction details
  • Road signing and marking scheme and typical details.

Utilities Drawings

General layout showing location of major components/structures with all relevant special and typical details of the following systems:

  • Water supply system, including water treatment plant, if any
  • Firefighting system
  • Irrigation system
  • Sewage system, including on-site disposal/treatment, if any
  • Surface drainage system/flood protection system
  • Off-site utilities and connections to public utilities
  • Power and low current distribution networks
  • Outdoor lighting installation.


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