Management Team

Architect Mohamad Ayash / CEO
A construction site worker aged 15 who grew to become the CEO of a 13-member consortium by the age of 42, Mohamad Ayash navigated his crews in the right direction for over 2 decades, stewarding efforts towards a multi-disciplinary, highly capable Dolmen Development, an alliance of firms that is competent and ready to undertake any contracting project anywhere, from conceptual design all the way to the last finishing detail.
Mohamad Ayash started Dolmen for Contracting & Finishing, the kernel of the Dolmen Development consortium, back in 1996. Shortly thereafter, he earned his Architecture degree from l’Universite Libre de Bruxelles, and then went on to establish Dolmen Design in 2005, of which a branch was established in Qatar three years later.

Today, the ensemble of the 14 firms forming Dolmen Development thrives to be “the leader in creating new architectural and interior designs, in developing innovative real estate projects; and in providing related exceptional products and services in Lebanon and beyond”.
Mohamad Ayash brings forward a group that is ready to serve in every aspect of construction, from conceptual design to the last detail of finishing. His vision is to mark Dolmen’s presence internationally; serving the most eminent corporate names and meeting the most challenging design criteria

Mr. Mohamad Ayash
Architect Diana Jomaa / Assistant CEO
From devising project time plans to managing project budgets, employee compensation and financial statement preparation, Architect Diana Ayash has spent the past 12 years in the field of construction and contracting, eventually rising in the hierarchy to become an indispensable member of the Office of the President of Dolmen Development. Diana is not only pivotal for coordination and ensuring smooth operational workflows across Dolmen and other Holding members, she also acts as the Budget Controller at Dolmen, ensuring close monitoring of the company’s financial aspects. All said, she is a vital coordinator and source of information for Dolmen Development and the group
Mrs. Diana Ayash
Engineer Emile Emanuel / COO
Chief Operating Officer Emile Emmanuel serves the important coordination role across the bidding and procurement functions, in addition to being the company’s overseer of all quality control and Health & Safety issues. Mr. Emmanuel brings to Dolmen years of training and hands-on experience in the management of projects, teams, project inaugurations and companies. To his record was the preparation for Le Vendome’s ISO 9001 certification, the hotel being the first in the Intercontinental chain to receive ISO accreditation. His contributions at such leading names as EMCOR Facilities Management included the implementation of IMS business processes and procedures. While at Atrium Gulf Architecture (Doha) and the Four Seasons Hotel (Beirut), his direct involvement in the management of MEP systems and the re-engineering of processes in this regard is perhaps one of the most important latent attributes of Mr. Emmanuel that surface at Dolmen time and again to provide the company with innovative, effective MEP solutions on challenging projects.
Mr. Emile Emmanuel bw

Architect Brice Bouquee / Business Development Manager
A Toulouse graduate in Architecture with cross-continental experience, Brice Bocquee brings to Dolmen much methodical discipline and commitment to quality in what relates to the coordination of Dolmen’s architectural tasks to where the company stays on top of its building permit applications, tender drawings and material submittals, site supervision, coordination with consultants, reporting to owners, and evaluation of work progress on all contractors’ sites, all while ensuring the meeting of deadlines with strict adherence to Dolmen’s quality benchmarks. Mr. Bouquee’s efficient management of both the function as well as the team members are of essential importance to Dolmen’s success and progress.

Mr. Brice Bocquee bw

Interior Designer Rita Abdel Massih / Department Manager
Interior designer Rita Abdel Massih had dozens of villas, palaces, hotels, banks, retail outlets and cafes on her qualifications brief before she joined Dolmen in 2012. Her expertise covers all aspects of design and execution, from conceptual planning all the way to the preparation of BOQs and shop drawings, as well as the actual supervision of execution works and completion through furnishing and final interior details. Her varied experience is an asset to Dolmen and the group.

Mrs. Rita Abdel Massih

Engineer Joseph Antonios / Projects Manager
With over 33 years in the industry, Civil Engineer Joseph Antonios has a broad range of capabilities that have culminated in securing a systematic, thorough and disciplined quality control process. From the UAE to Georgia to Jordan and Lebanon, Mr. Antonio’s quality benchmarks have been a trend-setter at the organizations he worked in. His ability to see the broad picture while never losing sight of the details ensures a complete, high quality accomplishment. Mr. Antonios and the processes he has laid down are an essential pillar of success on every Dolmen project.

Mr. Joseph Antonios bw
Engineer Mohamad Kaafarani / Project Manager – Head of Dolmen Concrete
Project Manager Mohamad Kaafarani comes from a background of high-rise towers and distinguished commercial building development both in Lebanon and the UAE, submitting professional structural designs and acting as an effective structural coordinator on dozens of notable developments. His vast experience, drive to succeed and strong coordination skills have blended to earn him the title of Senior Project Manager on many developments undertaken by Dolmen, whether engineering- or Interior-related.
Mr. Mohamad Kaafarani

Engineer Ibrahim Jaffal / Head of MEP Department
Engineer Ibrahim Jaffal had his formal MEP training and experience at leading companies in the construction field both in the UAE and Lebanon. Whether it is MEP design, the preparation of shop drawings or design specifications, compliance with local regulations or monitoring and follow-up on projects, his skills and experiences ensure a methodical and resourceful approach to the MEP function on any project, no matter its size or nature. Eminent corporations, hotels and commercial institutions feature on his list of served organizations and completed projects. Engineer Ibrahim Jaffal is an essential member of Dolmen, completing the team with his extensive MEP expertise

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